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Integrative Medicine at Foothills Family Medicine

Foothills Family Medicine has partnered with Dr. Tara Whitaker, MD at Capital City Family Medicine to provide our patients with comprehensive, integrative care.  While Dr. Crumrine and Dr. Whitaker come from different training backgrounds they share a passion for integrative medicine and are working together to offer their patients the best quality of care. Integrative medicine is when multiple providers work together as a health care team to improve the health of their patients. This creates a health care team that is focused on patient-centered medicine and results in a positive experience and greater health outcomes for the patient.

About Dr. Whitakertara_whitaker

Dr. Whitaker is board certified in family medicine. Her professional interests include preventive care, newborn care, pediatrics, women’s health, sexual health, family planning, and care of older adults. She earned her medical degree from the University of Washington with a focus on under served medicine. She completed her residency training at the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho.

What to Expect

Dr. Crumrine and Dr. Whitaker will work together to determine what the best treatment options are for each patient. They will communicate throughout the treatment process by sharing chart notes, labs and feedback on progress.  They each bring a unique perspective to the health care process that leads to a more well-rounded experience for the patient.

Dr. Whitaker is able to order labs, imaging and her services are often covered by insurance. Prior to working with any doctor you want to contact your insurance carrier and the doctor’s office to make sure services will be covered.

By working together the doctors have been able to develop a referral network of specialists who are willing to take a patient-centered approach and work with you on a treatment plan if the care needed is outside the scope of Family Medicine.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve a better quality of health!