Dr. Diana Crumrine, NMD
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Benefits of Naturopathy

Staying true to the philosophy of naturopathic medicine and utilizing the six Naturopathic Principles I will create a personalized health care program to help you reach optimal health.

Naturopathic Principles

First Do No Harm – Naturopathic physicians prefer non-invasive treatments that minimize the risk of harmful side effects. We carefully consider how any medication we prescribe may affect your short and long term health goals.

Identify and Treat the Cause – At Foothills Family Medicine, we understand that chronic illness is the result of an often long-standing dysfunction. Therefore, we ask both patient and practitioner to be fully invested in the healing process that will ultimately reveal the cause of the imbalance. Once this cause is identified and addressed true healing can be achieved.

Treat the Whole Person – Naturopathic physicians recognize that the body is connected in many ways and that healing can occur on all levels. Therefore, we support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each person as they reach optimal health.

The Body Has Inherent Wisdom to Heal – Naturopathic physicians believe that the body has the ability to restore its own health when challenged. Symptoms are the clues as to what supportive therapies are needed. We believe that certain supportive interventions will set this healing process in motion. Other interventions may cover up symptoms and overpower this physiologic function.

Doctor Means Teacher – The primary goal of the naturopathic physicians is to teach, motivate, inspire, and empower patients to embrace the principles of healthy lifestyle choices, to establish a strong foundation of health and balance. By cultivating a relationship and building trust with each patient, I am dedicated to guiding you towards health, regardless of life’s challenges.

Prevention is Cure – The naturopathic approach to health care is aimed at preventing imbalances, which, when left unchecked, can eventually manifest as chronic, degenerative disease. I teach ways of living that are most healthy and therefore most likely to prevent illness.